Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quiet Sunday...

Nice get-together last night at Mom's...everything was calm, the little ones (both of 'em) were excited by presents and the tree, and there was not a single arguement and that's always a good thing. Any time you get that many members of the family together for any length of time and not have harsh words, that's a good get-together.

There was one noticeable no first born. After a guarantee that he would be there with my granddaughter and then not show, that's a real disappointment! I try not to be angry about it, but it is very hard. I don't want to tempt Bad Karma, so I am making a real effort, ya know?

Anyway, Mom was happy, the nieces and my sister were all in their typical shining as the providers of the perfect holiday array of snacks and goodies, and I went to bed last night with my typical holiday-type full tummy! All in all, a very good visit!

Winter type weather came in late last night...down in the 30's with the high today reaching about 50 or so. Time to get some fresh coffee, go outside, and see if my garden is ready to call it a season. Want to join me...?

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