Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Already..

Time seems to go faster and faster...or maybe I'm just slowing down. I can't get to a point to where I feel like I am abreast of all the new things going on in the world. The last thing I want to do is start getting interested in politics.

Being a fairly simple man, I don't understand why the powers that be make things so hard. It's more simple than they think to solve most of the problems facing all of us. Government just needs to start following the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

The rules are simple...don't spend more that you make, keep the promises you make to others, never let your friends down, never lie but always tell the truth, even when it hurts to do so....and the most important rule of all, the one that most of us were taught as children ( but seem to have forgotten) is to treat others as we wish to be treated!

A long time ago, there were 10 laws passed to us to follow. Maybe it's time for all of us, including Politicians, to remember them and to once again start following them. I mean, seems pretty simple to me...but then I am, like I said, a fairly simple man!

Let's have a cup of coffee and think about it out loud....whadda ya say?

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