Saturday, December 1, 2007

Soggy Saturday...

Naturally it seems to get rainly outside if I plan any outdoor that gives me an excuse to stay indoors. Of course, if I get started on anything exciting then it clears up! Always the case, huh?

Decided to join a couple of good educational sites about making money on the net. Figured that the best way for me to make any money is to learn from the folks that are doing just that! Sorta makes sense, even to me!

I was really impressed with a guy named Travis and his free mini-course at I have been studying it and am starting to realize how little I really understood about making money consistantly on the net. Real eye opener for me!

In studying his free course, I was introduced to a site called Wealthy Affiliate which I had never heard of before and decided to join. Talk about a place having a lot of!

Guess I had better get to studying and learning...definitely time to make a fresh pot of coffee!

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