Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Too Much Tuesday...

Set up my Mom's Christmas Tree for her today. I always forget that some of the ornaments are nearlt as old as I am! Man...that's getting OLD! Probably antiques...!

Hate to admit it, but I kinda ,sorta, almost got in the spirit a little! Couldn't help myself...all those old balls and angels and tinsel and ....well, you know. As long as I don't have to listen to any holiday music yet, I'll get by. After years of working in retail, I can't take too much holiday music.

It ought to be against the Law to start playing Christmas music before Halloween is over. Crying shame, if you ask me. But no one ever ask me, so there you are! I actually like some holiday music...and some of the old classic holiday movies (don't tell anyone...but I watch them every year!). But these things can be overdone...like all good things!

It's kinda like good whiskey! Best if done in moderation! Exception to the rule...is COFFEE! Never can be too much! C'mon, I know you saw that coming, right?

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