Monday, December 17, 2018

Saltman Mummy For Monday Mystery...!

This one isn't really much of a mystery, but more an interesting find. Still, I feel that it's interesting enough for us to be talking about, ya know?

The Salt Men

Photo credit: Nasser-sadeghi

A functioning salt mine in Northwestern Iran has produced six naturally preserved mummies. Chehrabad Salt Mine’s “salt men” range in date from 539 BC to AD 640. Their beards, hair, and even clothing are often nearly perfectly preserved. In some cases, stomachs, colons, and last meals are intact.

The most recent discovery was made in 2007. Experts have identified this mummy as a Roman-era miner killed by falling rocks or an earthquake. The first five salt men discovered were given to scientists for research. However, the newly discovered mummy will remain underground. There is concern about the Iranian government’s lack of equipment and facilities to help preserve the salt man.

A Stanford folklorist believes the salt men might be connected with satyr legends. Their protruding jaws, snub noses, and hair bear uncanny resemblance to depictions of satyrs in ancient accounts, including St. Jerome’s tale of a satyr head on display in Antioch.

I think that finds like this serve as a reminder that the old days were not as safe as we may think sometimes. Mining in those times and even today could be detrimental to your health.

Coffee in the kitchen again this morning. Just in case, ya know?


Mamahen said...

Intersting and a bit creepy to look at.....The kitchen is always nice:))

linda m said...

Very interesting discoveries. Hopefully they can be preserved for future study.

Momlady said...

It's amazing how the salt preserved the bodies. But then, salt was used to preserve meat before refrigeration. Kitchens are cozy.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamahen...
Looks a bit like me first thing in the morning.
Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Linda...
They are interesting, aren't they?
Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Momlady...
Salt has been used for many, many years as a preservative for meat.
Thanks for the visit today!

Rob said...

That was a different enough story to deserve a place on your blog!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I wonder what they will think of us when they dig us up a thousand years from now?? The other side of that coin is that I wonder what humans will look like a thousand years from now or will we go extinct?

JO said...

That is an amazing find. Just feel bad that they are removed from their final resting place.
Yes mines are a hazardoud work place.

Sorry I'm late again had a call from a very old friend this morning. At this hour we are still in the low 50's but I am loving it.